Reopening letter to our clients

June 25, 2021

Dear valued clients,

While we’re all excited to have you back again, please understand that although most of our local population are vaccinated against COVID-19, there are still some people who are not and cannot be. For their safety, we ask that everyone entering our hospital wear a mask and continue to wear one throughout the duration of their appointment. Our staff will also continue to be masked at all times.

When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, we ask that you continue to call us from your car to check in. At that time, you will be given the option to remain curbside or to accompany your pet inside. If you choose to come inside, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until after the technician has gotten a brief history over the phone and then asks you to meet them at our front door. We are allowing only one person to accompany their pet inside for their appointment and will require that person to remain masked at all times (as stated above).

Upon entering the hospital, clients and pets will be brought immediately into an exam room by the technician. At this time, we will ask owners to either sit or stand in the designated area in each exam room for the duration of their pet’s appointment. This will allow enough space to distance from the doctor and technician who are examining your pet and performing the necessary treatments.

Once the appointment is completed, clients will be escorted out to our lobby by the technician to one of our receptionists who will cash the client out and dispense any food or medications being sent home. We ask that once your appointment is completed, you promptly exit the building through our side door. We have missed seeing you in person and would love to catch up but due to the high volume of patients we’re trying to see on any given day, we need to keep our appointments moving through and ensure the least amount of people in our building at one time.

We continue to ask that you call ahead for medication and food refills. We are allowing one person per family to enter the hospital to pick up these items once they are available. We still ask that everyone wears a mask inside our hosital, even if just picking up food or medications. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding since the pandemic started. We would like to thank you in advance for continuing to cooperate with our requests as we strive to keep everyone safe and healthy. We hope to see you soon!